7 Year Old British born Pakistani student Muhammad Hamza Shehzad has made record of World’s Youngest Programmer.

Hamza shehzad had passed the exam of microsoft (98-361 Software Development Fundamentals) while he is only 7 years old. In this exam microsoft ask about basic skills and knowledge in computer languages like Object Oriented Programming(OOP) and C Sharp.Skills in Software Development, Web Application Development, Desktop Applications and Data base are been checked.
Before Hamza Shehzad Babar Iqbal of Dera Ismail Khan, the late Arfa Karim from Faisalabad and many other Pakistani’s has set records in Information Technology at international level. Back in 2015 Hamza Shehzad has also set record of World’s Youngest “MS Office Specialist” when he was only 6 years old.

Hamza shehzad father Asim shehzad and mother seemab shehzad has said that their child have naturally interest and skills in computer programming.They never pressurised their son to learn about computer.On this achievement of their son they feel they are luckiest and happiest parents in the world. They financially helped their son when they seen his interest in computer’s but all effort of learning skills is his own.
Asim Shehzad is also a IT Professional due to which his son also get inspired from him and started learning skills.One of Microsoft spokesman also acknowledged Hamza Shahzad’s qualifications and skills in a statement.
Hamza was borned in Lahore in 2009 and when his father got job in London back in 2011 then he also shifted with his parents to UK. Hamza said he is really enjoying while implementing his skills in different ways and in future he want to become like Bill Gates. In his free time he watch movies play video games at home and play football with his father.