U.S. internet publisher Gawker Media Group said on Thursday that it would shut down Gawker.com next week, ending the online news and gossip website's 14-year run.

U.S. Internet publisher gawker media organisation stated on Thursday that it might close down gawker.Com next week, finishing the online news and gossip website’s after 14 years run.

The selection comes two days after univision holdings inc (uvn.N) won a financial ruin auction to accumulate gawker for $135 million, outbidding media company ziff davis llc.

Univision’s winning bid for gawker will pass before a U.S. Financial Judge later on that day.

Gawker – which additionally operates famous girls’s internet site jezebel, tech weblog gizmodo and gaming internet site kotaku – said close to-term plans for the website’s coverage and archives have no longer been finalized.

“Our other sites, including Kotaku, live on, but losing the vibrant Gawker.com hurts,” tweeted Stephen Totilo, editor-in-chief of Kotaku

Gawker sought financial ruin in june after dealing with a $140 million courtroom judgment following an invasion of privacy lawsuit from former expert wrestler Hulk Hogan, whose actual name is Terry Bollea, over the publication of excerpts from a sexual tape.

Gawker, which is thought for its snarky celeb and media industry gossip, had published a one-minute, 41-second edited video in 2012 providing hogan having sex with the spouse of his then-first-rate buddy, radio “shock jock” character Bubba the Love Sponge.

Hogan’s lawsuit was bankrolled through billionaire investor peter thiel, after Gawker in 2007 published an article about Thiel’s homosexuality.

The business enterprise’s founder nick denton filed for personal financial disaster this month to additionally are looking for protection from the judgment.