Whatsapp has officially announced that they will be sharing your user data with number one social media site Facebook.
Recently Whatsapp has updated their blogspot and said,

And by connecting your phone number with Facebook‘s systems, Facebook can offer best friend suggestions and will show more relevant ads if

someone have an account with them.

Additionally, whatsapp also said that they will not share the user conversations and the content in msgs with anybody.That is something which nobody can

Although in past Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 billion dollars.Clearly they didn’t invest this amount of money for a service that doesn’t even generate

more than 1$ per customer per year, or in some cases not even a single penny for a lifetime.

What Does This Imply to Us?

As of February 2016 survey Whatsapp had more than billion of active users, it means that every 7th person in this world is using Whatsapp.
Resultantly, facebook — via this acquisition — may have get right of entry to primary part of communication that we do, and simply if you don’t know:

extra statistics approach extra cash.
What’s more alarming for some customers will be the truth that whatsapp can also deliver get entry in your communication to governments globally, in

particular the notorious NSA.
Perhaps it is too early to say anything further on this issue that how the sharing of data will going to shock our lives,but the prediction is, that it can be

dangerous for our privacy.